Are you a daycare provider, teacher or caregiver that would like to have their own dental health program? We have exactly what you are looking for!


Below you will find materials for use in your own dental health care program:


Infant (0-1yr)


Toddler ( 1-2yrs)


Early Preschoolers (3-4yrs)


Late preschoolers (4-5yrs)


Elementary (5 yrs and older)


Additional materials:


Reward charts (brushing & Flossing)

Spaceship                  Flowers                Day & Night


Tooth Fairy Certificate

Lost Tooth


Primary & Permanent Tooth Development

Tooth Development


Brushing & Flossing

How to brush              How to floss


Geena's tremendous tooth adventure -video 7:12

Geena's video


Brush Your Teeth Song